Sunday, August 28, 2005

Something to Live For 

Been feeling very bummed out lately. The union members of the company where I work for is on strike. My day begins with them shouting "Scab" and other pleasantries at me and ends with the same. Second (nay, third) summer in a row without a family vacation (last year I was down with Aplastic Anemia); I think my wife and kids are mad at me.

I miss my wife ... she's in China to pick up our second adopted daughter. I wish I could be there with her, but with this strike on, I wasn't allowed to go.

Feeling restless at work. Been trying to get a raise without any luck so far. Not sure what career path lies before me. What I do seems so insignificant ...

My mom's still quite distant - Dad passed away very suddenly on Father's Day.

The words of 2 haunting songs come to mind:

I want to know what lies ahead
I want to see what is in store
I want to know what I am about
And if I have something to live for

"Something to Live For", Grey Eye Glances

I've seen that life
Touches us with pain
And we change
Becoming strangers to our friends
Tell me what happens along the way

There's a wall of silence
Miles across
A wall between us
Holding back
Holding back our loss

"Wall of Silence", October Project

That's how I feel these days ...

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