Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hello, Goodbye 

On Thursday we had a couple over to chat and pray about some concerns we had. The husband was here for studies and just as we're getting to know them better, they'll be leaving in a few months. Then on Friday, we had a family over for dinner. in this case, the wife was here to study and brought along her son, leaving the husband back home. He was happy to be re-united with his family for awhile, as he as was on vacation. Anyhow, the wife became a Christian here in Vancouver. I was able to share with both of them how God saved me when I was a student at university. The husband is a well-read man, and had some good questions about Christianity and he listened respectfully to my answers (which his wife translated for him, as he knew only a little English). Despite the language barrier, I truly enjoyed conversing with him and not only did we talk about Jesus, but also Nietzsche, Kafka and Bob Dylan!

They both have had contact with Christians in their homeland, as some of their family members and friends were Christians. However, they were turned off by some of their teachings (a version of the Health and Wealth "gospel") as well as the churches' constant emphasis on tithing and money. I was able to share with them how I felt chuches today have indeed become overly pre-occupied with money, power, prestige, etc. and have lost the simplicity of the NT church. They were happy to hear of a different vision of church life: authentic relationship and community, serving one another in love, participatory gatherings, etc.

And then the sad reminder that the wife would soon complete her studies and would return home with their son less than 6 months from now. This scenario seems to have played itself over and over in our lives of late. It is so painful to develop relationships and enjoy the growing friendship and fellowship, only to lose them so soon.

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